Shooting with a drone VR 360.

We have a drone dedicated to aerial photography equipped with a 360VR camera. Indeed our S900 approved S1 and S3 can carry a virtual reality camera like the Insta Pro 360 to offer different captures of what we usually do. The main challenge of this shoot is notably the stability of the camera under the drone which must be farthest from the drone, but the further away the cam is, the more we have the difficult on the stabilization due to the inertia of the camera which weighs 1.4kg

A drone for VR Shooting

We started by making a film for NOVO, which is to supply a VR film to the city of Vendôme. Our DJI S900 is equipped with a parachute rescue system and is allowed to fly in built-up areas. The city of Vendôme has therefore put the necessary devices to close the roads and alleys so that our team can fly safely. So we shot 2 days in the city center and around. The drone mission is a success and we are looking forward to seeing the video.

Drone with a camera 360 VR

The shooting with a drone dedicated to the VR is quite different from what we usually federate, especially for the flight itself because we have to hide behind bushes or elsewhere because the VR camera films in 360 degrees so in all the axes unlike a conventional camera. We must both pilot the drone by seeing it without being seen by the camera. The piloting meanwhile must be smooth and precise because once again the camera films in all the axes, we must also take into consideration the shadow of the drone that will be seen but our challenge is that it be as small as possible.

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