We were commissioned to make all aerial aerial images for the “Roots and Wings” trays with Carole Gassler. Our mission was to turn all the fittings images of the trays, that is to say to turn the retakes with our drones. We shot during a non stop day because the weather was favorable only a day. The weather conditions were perfect and we managed to make beautiful aerial drone shots, breathtaking images with incredible terrain, depth of field and perfect light. This drone performance was a great experience for our team.


For this drone mission in the middle of the mountains, our drone company had to do all the administrative procedures with the Prefecture and the DGAC. Air traffic is very important in Briançon, not planes but helicopters Samu and PGHM because mountain accidents are not uncommon and there are often round trips between the tracks and the hospital. So we had to draft a memorandum of understanding with the services concerned in order to determine where we are, the PGHM for example had all our GPS points locations of our shooting and our overflights.


We had 3 DJI Inspire 2 units on our shoot, and this for several reasons. The main one is to take several drones on the shooting in spare in case of problem, it is not possible to stop shooting because of technical failure. Each unit had a particular setting with different optics and this function of what we asked the director, which allows in addition to divide the flight times on each machine and have a balance. Our UAV aerial images will soon be broadcast on France 3 at 8:55 pm for a special show on Vauban.



The drone in France has taken a considerable place in audiovisual production. Our drone company is positioned as the best because we have outside our experience of drone aerial photography an experience as a cinematographer and director. Producers are very sensitive to this and it is for this reason that our drone company continues to develop and we have a lot of demanding demand in terms of aerial images but also in obtaining all filming authorizations.

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