We are partner with Horus-Aerials because we know very well, due to our experience on the Tour de France that the helicopter and the drone are complementary, one does not replace the other.

On each of our shootings we strive to create “drone” plans that means to contact, close, indoor etc …


Our partner with a long experience of image, passionate for years, we are fully satisfied with this partnership because we are convinced by his expertise, his know-how and his creativity, he knows like us the right composition of the images And at the same level of requirement as our drone teams, give the best, wait for light, compose a framework etc … We can therefore set up our Cineflex HD and our Wescam 5K with a great reactivity throughout France and in the world.

2 HELICOS: Ecureuil AS 350-355 ou Bell 206.  Homologation STC-EASA.

2 HELICOPTERS: Ecureuil AS 350-355 or Bell 206. Approval STC-EASA. Cineflex HD-4K V4, the camera is a Sony, HDC 1500, 3CCD – 2/3 “with a Fujinon lens 42 × 9.7mm. The recording is done in 4: 4: 4. Wescam 4K – 5K. Red Dragon Camera 6K 120fps 4K – 96fps in 5K Motion mount PL, 4 to 8 Integrated ND filters – Mini mag SSD 512GB – Canon Lens CN7x17mm 4K / 5K



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