We have 2 DJI Inspire 2 at Freeway Prod. We use it a lot for television and documentaries. The Zenmuse X5S is a brand new image processing system and records in 5.2k in Apple ProRes RAW CinemaDNG and more. Its speed reaches 100 km / h. It flies with 2 self-heating batteries, frontal collision sensor and also above, very useful for domestic flights. We recently had it fly on the Victoria Secret parade at the Grand Palais in Paris and on the WRC Corsica.




Set Up : 2 radios commande – X5S 5.2K – Small HD

Our Inspire 2 are equipped with a 4/3 sensor camera with interchangeable lens. The camera runs in 5.2 K Raw – Cinema DNG Codec – Apple Prores.

We always shoot with 2 operators, a pilot and a cameraman, we can offer a 1080p video output to the director so that he can see the image with optimal quality.

We can fly more than 25 minutes with the Inspire 2, this drone is ideal for TV productions but also for shooting commercials.

We shot indoor images at the Grand Palais and the anti-collision sensors at the top of the drone were very useful to us to get as close as possible to the ceiling.

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