The American production company contacted us to ask if we were interested in coming to shoot a Range Rover commercial. After seeing our work on the Dakar and the Volkswagen ad, they absolutely wanted to engage our drone company and we put our know-how at their disposal because filming a car with a drone that can go up to 100 km / h with a 45mm lens is a 90mm full frame, it requires a certain knowledge and a mastery of the frame and the race. Our images will be added to other cameras on the ground and they are a real plus for advertising.


Our company has a real knowledge of foreign productions coming to France. We are often called by the NHK or other foreign productions to provide all the aerial images they need, whether in Paris or in the provinces, we take care of everything, authorizations, teams etc … American productions call us regularly because Michael has worked many times in Los Angeles, he is bilingual and understand very well what the director asks him.


A foreign production coming to shoot in France and which needs to have aerial images appeals to our company of drone because it knows that we will take care of everything in order to put our experiment at their service. It is easier for a foreign production company to appeal to us than to ask for permission to fly their teams in France. The drone shots are today indispensable in an advertisement.


The director’s wish was to have “fast and Furious” drone images, we managed to give him what he wanted from us and even more because we flew in sport mode and at 45mm, we used our experience on the Dakar to bring him very dynamic images. Filming a car in laces and in a straight line when it is very fast is not easy, the drone goes fast, we have a 90mm and we must also think of the exit and field entrance. We have gained a good experience in how to film a car in motion at high speed. Our drone aerial shots are a real plus-value for commercial.

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