Freefly Alta 6 – Movi 15

Our Alta 6 allows us to have a back-up on our shootings when we fly with the ALTA 8.
The Alta 6 can of course carry the same types of cameras as the Alta 8, it has a lower payload: 6.8 kilos.
High-performance, its flight controller is the same as on the Alta 8, the Synapse. We recently flew it on the Victoria Secret Show at the Grand Palais in Paris. It carries our M15 and also the Movi Pro.




Play Load 6.8kg0

Set Up : Freefly Alta 6 – Movi M15 – Movi Controleur – Systeme HF-FHD Connex – Monitor Atomos Sumo 19′ – Batteries et Accessoires.

The ALTA 6 drone is fully assembled to accommodate different methods such as Pro or M15. Our drone is a professional device designed to carry the different cameras, it opens us all possibilities of creativity and allows us to turn images where only the imagination to its limits.

It is the drone that all aerial filmmakers have been waiting for, our FreeFly ALTA 6 is tuned by us, ready to fly, powerful, rigid, adaptable, reliable and optimized for payloads up to 6.8 kilos.

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