Procedure and Quotation of an aerial video service: Before the intervention:

  • Expertise and advice for a tailor-made service. Definition of overflight areas. Locating on site if necessary.
  • Filing of authorization for overflight with the FAA or DGAC and application for authorizations.
  • All Freeway Prod uavs are certified, insured and referenced by the DGAC and Transport Canada or FAA..
  • Duration of the mission and location of filming in France or abroad (kilometric costs or air travel).
  • Risk factor / type of shooting (plans above water, actors, cities, etc.)
  • Security of the service: intervention with a second identical drone and the Spare, arms, motors etc …
  • Provision of rushes on the same day and backup of our part in back-up. The prices vary according to the pre-mentioned elements between 1200 € and 6000 €  per day depending the drone used and the team set up.





Make sure that the drone service provider, through whom you pass, is certified and complies with the law!


We attach great importance to the safety of our flight and filming.

-Find our flyover areas.

-Secure and close our take-off and landing zones.

-Evaluate the weather before the mission.

-Support the police as part of a shooting in town.


We are a responsible of UAV image production company and aware of the danger that the drone can cause.

We have a rigorous maintenance on our machines before and after each flight, tests are always carried out before a mission, we have 2 or 3 Uavs in back-up to change aircraft in case of problem detected by our teams in the field.

A professional must consider the potential danger that a drone may cause in the air.

When shooting, you can have an air police check. If the service provider is unregistered, shooting can be stopped immediately. And all this is liable to a high fine.

Drones UAV Allowed to fly outside City

Freefly Alta 8

Freefly Alta 6

DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire PRO

DJI M600

DJI S1000 – GH4

Freeway Drone is referenced by the DGAC / DSAC FRANCE and FAA, CAA, we collaborate on a daily basis alongside these services, and in particular for requests for complex overflights, such as the Opéra Garnier, the Grand Palais, the Palais de l’Elysée or the Tour de France Cyclist, World Rally Championship WRC, World Championship of Escalade IFSC Chamonix etc… The regulations for Filming with Drones in France are pretty well laid out. France has been the leader in adapting to the Drone technology. All federal and regional government departments work together to make France’s skies safe and accessible for Drone & Helicopters alike. With complete in-house public relations department, we can obtain all filming permits on your behalf.

We work in perfect conditions and in a relationship of trust. A law is applied for security matters, we respect it and we do not derogate from it. Between law and common sense, we always make our drones evolve consciously! This depends on the obstacles, the weather and the environment in which our aircraft will evolve.

Drones UAV allowed to fly Inside city :

Freefly Alta 8 – Red or Alexa

DJI S1000 – GH4 (Captif)

DJI S900 – GH4

DJI Inspire Pro

DJI Inspire 2

Phantom 4 Pro