We have on the Dakar made the HF broadcast for the live France TV. Every day we had to make the Live drone for 3 live shows from France TV. We had to do a lot of testing in order to find a technical solution able to offer a broadcast signal to our customer France TV Sport and thus be able to match the images of cameras on the floor with ours. Our drone service was a real success and to demonstrate that Freeway could also position itself in the drone live capture for events such as on large air services that represents the Dakar.


On the Dakar we used a Freefly Alta 8 I made the choice to take this drone for the direct drone of France TV, and this for two reasons. The first is that our bivouacs were often located on military or civilian airports, so in full in NoFly Zones according to DJI. Freefly’s hardware does not hang on a NoFly Zone. Then France TV Sport wanted a broadcast signal. However, after technical tests at AMP Visual, we realized that the Inspire 2 did not meet the specifications, especially to send a 1080i signal. I equipped the Freefly with a MoVi Pro and a Panasonic GH4 with a 1080i output. We had two retransmission systems. The Connex on the one hand, which was often disturbed on the bivouac, and a system of retransmission of Visual AMP on the other hand. He was very efficient and did not suffer any external disturbance.


The live Live drone is a drone service on which we focus more because the demand is present. We will also take advantage of all our tests at AMP Visuel to offer drone for TV shows. Today we know what works and what does not work. Our experience on the last Dakar has allowed us to improve our live broadcast system in drone and offer a quality Live drone recording. Our drone company has been hired by France TV and ASO for this reason, we know the technique very well and we can adapt very quickly to the demand and look for the best live broadcasting equipment in order not to have any bad surprises on the set, as problems of signal disturbances.




Today freeway is able to respond to the demand for TV shows or even for scientific missions and broadcast an HD image live. We plan for the coming months to make a live drone on the next Tour de France, to be able to feed TV shows with live drone capture as we did recently on a drone performance at the Yves Saint Laurent show. during the fashion week. Our live drone service is still working on new broadcast techniques to be at the forefront of live drone capture.


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