Christelle and Michael created Freeway Prod and Freeway Drone 8 years ago, they were among the first to propose the UAV as a shooting tool to France TV and the Tour de France. Things happened tfast, after their mission in Antarctica, the Opéra Garnier and the Palais de l’Elysée. Very respected in the industry, they knew to bring another look at the shooting by inventing plans.
Our shooting teams have experience in both the drone pilot and above all a back-ground director and Director of photography.


We focus on recruiting people who have first-hand knowledge of image and audiovisual production, it is easier to train a pilot operator than a pilot to compose an image. Our uavs take our cameras in the air to give another angle of view, we consider it a full-fledged shooting tool complementary to a crane or a helicopter.
Our production company FREEWAY PROD has been working for more than 10 years for television and mainly for France Télévisions, TF1, Arte, Canal + and other foreign channels.


We were interested very early in the technique of aerial shots using uavs. Today, we basically shoot our images with Freefly Systems or DJI innovations. We are often called for our know-how and our way of filming because we attach importance to the image, our reference remains on our screens. In the majority, the productions demand that the flights of uavs be carried out under conditions of maximum safety and with all the authorizations, we always respect the regulation. It is for this reason also that the Palais de l’Elysée has called upon us to carry out aerial images for a big show in France.


Freeway drone has a habit of making aerial shots for commercials, directors and producers are increasingly using uavs for the production of their films. Our latest achievement was for an advertisement of the Volkswagen brand. We used a Freefly Alta 8 with a Mini Alexa – Vantage Anamorphic Optics, which represents an aircraft and its camera worth 100 000 euros in the air, so a lot of preparation upstream and precision in the flight and the frame.