We have just shot part of a documentary series for NHK Tokyo. Our first shoot took place in Paris at the Tuileries gardens in the heart of Paris. Our drone company was chosen among all the others for our know-how with the big carrier. Japanese production had a requirement, shoot in 8K and with 60 frames per second, so with a red helium. Flying a Freefly Alta 8 in the center of Paris is something rare and a challenge to get all the necessary permissions, a challenge that our drone company has raised and won.


Foreign productions often call on us for our know-how and our skills in aerial photography in drones. In a week we shoot for Americans, Japanese and English, our production company is a reference for foreign productions and prefers to ask us rather than to bring their drone teams, especially for the quality of our shots but also for all requests for overflight clearances.


The defi of this shoot was also technical because the request of the production was to fly a Red Helium 8K camera with cinema optics, follow focus etc … Our freefly Alta 8 is able to carry 9.1 kg so it was necessary to take into account the weight of each lens, Connex etc … We did a lot of testing before moving on the shoot, weight test, empty flight etc … On a configuration like this there is so much technique that if a cable does not not all the system is Off. But with a lot of rigor and concentration, our filming went very well, the air drone images that we made are superb.


To fly a drone of 13 Kilos in the heart of Paris is an important administrative challenge because the legislation authorizes the overflight in urban area with a drone of less than 8 kilos and equipped with a rescue system parachute. Christelle who is in charge of all authorization requests at Freeway has done a remarkable job to allow us to fly our Freefly Alta 8 and the Red Helium in the heart of Paris. Our Alta 8 is S3 approved and is allowed to fly in urban areas provided that it is attached to a rope so captive. For this production it did not bother us absolutely because the movements had to be slow because filming in 8k, the information in the image is so important that you can not make fast movements. The police Prefecture of Paris has authorized us the conditional flyover, that the gardens of the Tuileries Gardens are closed and that security agents closes the areas at the opening of the Park.


Our aerial images drones 8K men are superb, they are rare because we are the first to have stolen a drone 13 kilos in the heart of Paris with a camera RED Helium 8K. We are very happy and proud to see that important productions like NHK trust us, they are not disappointed because we always manage to honor our services. Foreign productions call us more and more to realize aerial images in Paris. Our drone company has become a reference in terms of requests for filming authorizations but also for the quality of aerial photography in drones.

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