We have a MōVI Pro at Freeway Prod, it is designed to work on the ground and also in the air. Intelligent, hot-swappable batteries power the MōVI Pro, the camera and all accessories to keep you running all day … with only one type of battery to charge.

Our versatile Toad in the Hole quick release system has become a favorite of the industry. One that allows users to shoot quickly on the ground, sky, and all points in between. MōVI Pro is a lightweight and portable system that is the heart of a cinematic ecosystem.


We have 2 MoVI M15, it has been designed to accommodate the most diverse cinema configurations, even those with a weight over 6 kg. The new MoVI M15 is designed to work with professionals in the film industry and is capable of receiving cameras such as Sony F55 and ARRi ALEXA M. The MoVI M10 and M15 steadicam have been designed to accommodate the most popular cinema configurations Various weights up to 7 kg. Developed in collaboration with industry professionals, the new MoVI M15 is capable of receiving cameras such as the Sony F55 and ARRi ALEXA M and the RED EPIC Dragon.


Movi is the new 3-axis gyrostabilized system weighing just 1.3kg but accepting cameras such as Red Epic, Red Scarlett, Canon C300, Canon 5D, Nikon D800, and the all-new Blackmagic Camera. This 3-axle pod, with a weight of 1.5kg, is fully controllable from an android tablet via a bluetooth link and integrates all the electronic stabilization. 4 control modes are available (see technical description below). The nacelle is equipped with a GPS chip very accurate for external use. This system makes it possible to correct the drifts from the sudden accelerations. Particularly useful when the nacelle is used in helicopter or on a car.


We have 2 Ronin at Freeway Drone. Its powerful engines and advanced algorithms allow us to benefit from unmatched precision.

Once set up, the Ronin can start shooting within five minutes. We thus gain time while enjoying a more efficient configuration.

The built-in ATS (Auto Tune Stability) technology intelligently adjusts the Ronin to your camera platform at the push of a button.


We have 2 Ronin M available for our set-up. We know this tool well and we can balance the different cameras offered.

The improved Auto Tune Stability (ATS) technology is even more precise than before, and completes the configuration and balancing steps without the need for any tools.

Simple and efficient. Make tight plans, even when you do not have much space to film, and easily carry your Ronin-M.


We have 2 MoVI Controller, the first for the cameraman and the second for the camera assistant that will handle the point, diaph and zoom. Our system allows the operator to fully control Pan, Tilt and Roll. Compatible with the MoVI M5, M10 and M15 and MPRO, our controller provides MoVI telemetry and allows the user to access the MoVI setup menus to allow instant adjustment of key MoVI parameters. The MoVI Controller also simplifies the remote control station by providing power to an LCD monitor and a wireless video system. A single battery on the MoVI controller powers our controller, monitor, wireless video system and additional accessories 5 or 12v.


Our Movi Pro can be adapted to our drones because we own the MōVI Pro landing gear. It allows users to quickly add a lightweight, robust and aerodynamic landing gear to the MōVI Pro for use with the FreeFly ALTA 8 and 6. The landing gear attaches in less than 5 minutes and has a Sturdy design, lightweight carbon and aluminum. Once installed, the 15 mm tabs slacken quickly to allow ultra-fast switches from GroundView to SkyView.


For follow-up of car in low-angle or other technical plans we offer the Freefly TERO, a whole new way to move the camera.

The system allows an extremely dynamic and low camera angle coupled with the MōVI stabilizer’s 3-axis full control to create unprecedented plans.

With our customized vibration isolation system on a car as smooth and agile as that, you will rethink what is possible with a hunting car.


The best stabilization system for Movi-Pro, M15 and the Ronins series. It allows a better stability and also a frame from top to bottom easy and less tiring for the operator. Add a set of ReadyRig ProArms to your configuration for even more configuration options! New waist support system designed evenly distributes weight on your hips. When used, the rear panel of the accessories is used to remove the center of ground from the system, reducing the tension on the back. The entire system can easily pass through a standard door allowing the operator greater freedom of movement on the set and less shock in things. Keeping close to the body, we were able to make a system that corresponds to the meaning of the space of the operator