6 years … 6 years that the Tour de France / ASO / France TV Sport trust on us and give us the responsability of all the aerial with our UAV, more than a proof of confidence, it is a true partnership and a real recognition of our requirement and of our job.

More than 3.5 billion viewers

The Tour de France is more than 3.5 billion viewers in 190 countries around the world (source ASO) it is the 3rd most important sporting event in the world. Our notoriety and our know-how go beyond the borders. Our mission on the Tour de France is not to replace the helicopter but to be complementary, our director Jean-maurice Oogue and our producer Fabrice Colin entrust us with the realization of his aerial images because they know that with Freeway Drone, The images produced will be of high quality and above all that they will be able to be mixed with the images of the helicopters without problem because our knowledge and our expertise of the image and the drone tool will provide aerial images in contact with the architecture And the landscapes that the Tour crosses.

We turn all our aerial images 3 months before the big start, that is to say between 15 and 18 different places throughout France. Our mission is to showcase the French heritage, church, cathedral, natural park etc. Our images are then mixed during the Tour de France in July in front of millions of viewers over the world.

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