We are preparing our shootings for the next Tour de France and France TV Sport. Our drone company is mandated to provide all drone services and production of aerial images shot in drones to enrich the live images. Our images will be mixed with that of helicopters, we are complementary and we do not work in the same way, our images are more in contact with the monuments we film.


We have for this new edition of the Tour de France, more than 25 sites to film. We respect the drone regulations in force and it is a big work of requests for overflight authorizations that we start now. All our overflights are done in respect of the legislation, France TV and ASO trust us and know very well our seriousness with regard to the safety of our flights and also our rigor as for the authorizations.


It’s been 6 years now that we have taken aerial aerial shots for the Tour de France. From years to years we try to bring ever more to the director and France TV. For this, we propose several optics, different drones and we also try to find different camera axes and thus propose other plans. Our aerial drone images are broadcast in 190 countries around the world, we are very proud to bring our know-how to one of the world’s best-known sports events.


From a technical point of view, the bar is high and we have to renew ourselves constantly, to propose something else. The Tour de France is an important sporting event, the director Jean-Maurice Oogue is particularly keen to highlight the French heritage ahead. The Tour de France is of course the race, the sport but also France, our drone mission is to put forward and magnify our heritage, castles, landscapes etc etc … We shoot mainly with the DJI Inspire 2 in 4K, we take care of the post-production and deliver to France TV plans ready to be broadcast.


We are going for this edition of the Tour de France, make every effort to offer a live live at the arrival of the race in Paris. Our drone device for broadcasting has already proven itself on the last Dakar, we can now offer Live productions in drone with broadcast quality in 1080i. For the Tour de France, we have been working on this project for 2 years, the big work is in fact at the level authorization because when the arrival of the Tour in Paris the best places to film are those where the public is, then we must find compromises with long focal lenses.

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